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La Piedra Amada

Seis Canciones de Dante Alighieri


Translated from the Italian, with an introduction, by Francisco Segovia

To commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death

of Dante Alighieri, The Taller Martín Pescador has published this metric and full-voiced Spanish translation by the renowned Mexican poet Francisco Segovia of Dante’s six songs of love and longing. 

The edition was printed on a handpress by Juan Pascoe, with the assistance of Florencio Ramírez and Martín Urbina, from hand-set Poliphilus and Blado types cast by Bradley Hutchinson at his type foundry in Austin,  Texas. The light gray-green paper was custom made at the De Ponte mill in San Lucas Tepetlaco, Mexico.

Of the 150 copies in the edition, only fifteen have been bound in quarter-leather by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, Texas. The dark gray paper sides were made by Twinrocker Handmade Paper in Brookston, Indiana. This special binding has been signed by Francisco Segovia and Barry Moser, who provided the title page portrait of Dante. 

In many ways this edition is an homage to Harry Duncan, the printing mentor to Juan Pascoe, who translated these same poems into English under the title The Stone Beloved, published by Kairos Press in 1986, and reprinted within the collected writings of Harry Duncan in The Inner Tympan.

$450, plus shipping as required.

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